Buying an apartment

Clarification of needs

First free consultation with one of the firm’s agents
In the meeting we will find out what your search preferences are and your needs.
Together we will analyze the trends in the real estate market and the environment in which you are interested.
Together we will plan the right process for you so that you can make a safe and successful purchase without “surprises along the way”.

Financing check

You will receive from us recommended contacts at the banks who will give you dedicated and quick treatment and advice
Until you get approval in principle to finance the deal so you can go out looking for an apartment safely when you know you can finance the deal.

Property locator

  1. The firm’s agents will locate properties for you exactly according to your needs and budget,
  2. Our office works with the most advanced digital software, with precise segmentation of the relevant assets for you.
  3. You will receive accurate and reliable information about the property data.
  4. You will receive a page with property properties for each property you come to be impressed with.
  5. We will issue you a draft taboo and a joint house plan,

Negotiating and closing a deal

We will negotiate for you and get you the best deal and terms
We will close all the details of the deal for you
We will accompany you safely and refer you to lawyers, real estate appraisers and the most recommended mortgage advisers.
A traditional picture is taken and a bottle of wine is opened together.


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