Selling an apartment

Checking the suitability of the property, Planning and legal.

  1. Issuing an up-to-date taboo wording

  2. Checking the latest property tax form.

  3. Issuing a joint house plan.

  4. Checking plans in the municipality to make sure that the apartment was built according to the permit.

It is imperative to produce all of these documents to save you the hassle and waste of unnecessary time,
Neat paperwork for the property increases its value and makes the property one that can be easily sold without any unexpected problems.

Taxation check

When selling a property there are two main aspects of taxation that it is advisable to check before pricing the property and bringing the property to market:

  1. Appreciation tax – will usually apply when the seller of an apartment has two or more apartments or when selling an apartment that you have owned for less than a year and a half.
  2. Improvement levy – paid to the municipality for building rights / building facilitation that were determined in the municipality’s plan that also applies to your homes (for example, the option to build on the roof of an apartment on the top floor).

When selling the property, you may be required by the municipality to pay an improvement levy

It is advisable to consult a lawyer when taxing.

Financing and mortgage check
left for the apartment.

Many of the sellers are housing developers who plan to sell and buy a new property,
It is recommended to go to the bank and request a letter of intent, in the letter of intent the bank declares the remaining mortgage balance for the existing apartment, the amount is including an early repayment fee.
It is also recommended to get approval in principle if you increase the mortgage for the new property and check whether it is worth dragging the existing mortgage or liquidating it and taking it again and of course making sure that you are approved the amount you plan to take.

Introductory meeting With a real estate consultant

In the meeting we will analyze the market prices in your area by apartments that are sold and offered for sale.
We will characterize your target audience.
We will evaluate a price that is right to go out with for marketing.
Tips are given for presenting the property – for example: arranging the furniture in the property, painting the property and anything that can make the property aesthetic and ready for the arrival of potential buyers.
We will build a marketing plan to achieve the goal and we will set off.

Property Marketing

  1. Professional photography of the property.
  2. Marketing to the firm’s potential buyers’ databases, by dedicated mailing software.
  3. Advertising on the most exposed websites
  4. Advertising on social networks
  5. Digital campaigns on Facebook and Google.
  6. Signage advertising
  7. Order 100% of the realtors in your city to bring potential buyers to the apartment.
  8. Press release
  9. Flyers and letters from neighbors.

Professional representation,
negotiating and closing a deal

  1. Opening an orderly asset portfolio with the management of all publications.
  2. The property portfolio will list all potential buyers who have seen the property with full control and with the option to update at any given moment on the terms of the transaction (everything is managed by office automation)
  3. The property portfolio will contain all the purchase offers for the property.
  4. Analyze purchase offers in transparency with property owners and conduct professional negotiations after coordinating expectations.
  5. Closing all transaction details including price, payment and eviction terms and transferring transaction details to attorneys.
  6. Signing a contract, traditional photography of buyers and sellers and opening a bottle of wine.

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