Career in real estate

Interested in a career in real estate?

You have come to the right place

Our offices have had the seniority, experience and knowledge we have accumulated since 2004, which we provide to the new and old real estate agents in our offices.

The escort is individually tailored to the agent according to his character and pace of development.
The innovative tools and envelope of knowledge that the firm gives give agents a competitive advantage and a significant differentiation from the competition.
The training and specialization by bringing selected professionals from the huge contact center we have accumulated, each in his field so that he will provide us with his knowledge and experience starting from the field of sales, law, finance and more.

Our agents are carefully selected, each of the agents is required for an ethical, moral and high professional level and the appropriate DNA for our offices.
The work environment is family-oriented and we work collaboratively and as a team with two main departments, the buyers department / sellers department.

With us you will receive the fairest distribution of commissions and lads right from day one.

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